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Electric Car Charging Stations Essex Vehicle charging stations installed in Essex - London

delta T Electrical your electrical contractor in Essex and London.

delta T Electrical are your first choice local Electrical Contractor in Essex; we are specialists at installing Electric vehicle Charging Stations in Essex/ or Electric Car Charging Station Installations in Essex.

At delta T Electrical we combine a high level of professionalism with great value for money. We specialise in Electric vehicle charging stations in Essex and the surrounding areas.

In 2012/2013 almost every leading car manufacturer in the world will launch at least one plug-in electric vehicle (EV) into the market place both for the private and commercial market.

With reduced running costs and the initial purchase cost ever decreasing and with handsome government incentives, electric powered cars are going to become more and more common in the very near future.

How We Can Help?
delta T Electrical can help with all EV charging station installations in Essex; coupled with our free site survey we believe this makes us the number one electrical contractor in Essex for all your needs.

Charging your electric car couldn’t be easier and more straightforward, as long as you have the appropriate equipment. Whilst you are working, having a meeting or sitting at your desk your car can be charged safely and quickly.

The majority of electric car manufacturers recommend that you do not use a standard 13 amp socket for charging your electric car for safety reasons. A typical ring main is not designed to take the constant load that an EV will draw, potentially creating a risk of fire or short circuits in other parts of your wiring. If you use a standard 13 amp socket, the rate of charge will be severely restricted by the car manufacturer so that it may take up to 12 hours to fully charge the car. This time can be reduced to around 3 hours for a properly installed electric vehicle charging station, dependant on manufacturer and make and model of car.

Whilst a standard external socket can be used, the industrial standard ‘Blue Commando’ connector is a weather-proof solution for outdoor charging, and able to carry a higher 16 amp current, which makes it a far safer option.

Types of charging point in Essex
Smart energy meter displays total or present consumption.
Compact, single outlet design.
Safe electrical protection.

Ability to schedule charging times.

Available Connection options

13A (BS1363 socket).

16A (J1772 - tethered).

32A (J1772 - tethered).

32A (Mode 3 Type 2 socket).

What does it cost to charge an EV?
Each recharge will cost approximately £2.50 to £3. If you cover an average of 10,000 miles per year, this is equivalent to between £250 and £300 per year in electricity costs. In practice, if charging is carried out overnight on reduced rates, this cost could be substantially less. Using public charging points is often free, at least while the Government and local authorities are trying to promote and incentivise the use of EV's.

What Make of Electric Vehicle?
We offer a free on site estimating service. Simply ring or email and we will promptly arrange to visit your premises to discuss your requirements, whether you have any of the following electric vehicles:-

Aptera e2
Chevrolet Volt (plug-in hybrid)
Citroen C1 Ev’ie
Citroen C-Zero
Fiat Micro-Vett e500
Fisker Karma (plug-in hybrid)
GEM e2, GEM e4 and GEM e6
G-Wiz i and G-Wiz L-ion
Mia and Mia L
Micro-Vett Ydea
Mitsubishi i-MiEV
NICE Mega City
Nissan LEAF
Peugeot iON
Peugeot eExpert Tepee and eMonarch
Quiet Car 1
Quiet Car 2
Renault Fluence Z.E
Renault Twizy
Sakura Maranello4
smart fortwo ED
Stevens ZeCar
Tazzari ZERO
Tesla Roadster
Toyota Prius Plug-in
Vauxhall Ampera

Which charging station?
There is a wide choice of charging station available and your choice may be down to budget or charge time required. We can supply and install all of the following

APT technologies home charger CCL-CD-J1772
Charge master domestic charger J1772
Elektrobay home charger J1772
EV Box/Alfen Wall mounted charger model J1772
EV Box/Alfen Wall mounted charger model Type 2
Keba Ke contact home Type 2
POD Point PH_0063_2 – J1772
POD Point PH_0064_2 – J1772
Rolec EVWP2170 Type 2
Rolec EVMW1010 J1772
Rolec EVWP1170 J1772
Schnider Electric Evlink NCA19130 Type 3 J1772

Type 2 socket charging points must be installed outside of a domestic property. Type 2 sockets are not shuttered and cannot be installed in a home. J1772 tethered plug charging points can be installed inside a garage or home.
Installation of an electric vehicle charging station falls within the IET 17th edition Regulations and will require certification when the works have been completed.

delta T Electrical will take care of these elements as part of our works, we are able to issue a certificate upon completion of the work to confirm compliance with these regulations.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor, and are specialists at carrying out the installation of Electric Vehicle charging station installations in Essex and the surrounding areas.

All of our works are NICEIC certified and backed by the NICEIC guarantee; we are an NICEIC approved contractor.
Make us your first point of call for all of your Electric car charging station installations in Essex. You can rest assured that every electrician Essex based delta T Electrical sends to carry out the works will be City & Guilds electrically qualified and be fully competent to issue the appropriate certificate for all of the works carried out on your premises.
Call us today! Our helpdesk staff are waiting to assist you, or alternatively fill in our contact us form and we will get back to you shortly, it’s as easy as that!

Our Services

delta T can offer a wide range of mechanical and electrical services throughout Essex, London & Suffolk no matter what discipline you are looking for you can rest assured we are here to help, We are a fully accredited NICEIC domestic and commercial contractor experienced in all fields of electrical installation, service and maintenance. We offer the full range of air conditioning and ventilation including MVHR throughout Essex, London and Suffolk areas, If you have a project you would like us to help you with please send us an email via the contact page with a brief description of your needs and we will contact you to discuss how we can be of assistance to you !

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