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Periodic Inspection Reports (PIRs) Essex - London

delta T Electrical your electrical contractor in Essex and London.

These have now changed to Electrical Installation Condition Report” EICR”or are more commonly called an electrical Test and inspection Essex based delta T Renewables is able to test and certificate all shapes and sizes of commercial property throughout Essex and beyond.

Inspections Frequency

The IET 17th edition Regulations give recommendations for the frequency of inspections but as a general rule all commercial properties should have a routine inspection at least once every year with a full test and inspection every five years.

This is reduced to every three years for public entertainment buildings such as cinemas, leisure complex’s, theatres etc

This New EICR came into effect in January 2012 and replaces the old PIR system, electrical safety checks need to be carried out on a regular basis to ensure that no dangerous conditions exist within your electrical systems.

BS7671:2008 1st Amendment (17th Edition Wiring Regulations)

All of our fixed wiring installation inspections are carried out to the above standard, by our teams of fully qualified electricians, whilst carrying out your inspection the electrician Essex based delta T Electrical have sent will also advise you on the compliance of your installation with current legislation.

Insurance Validation

In many cases it is a legal requirement to have a valid Electrical Inspection Condition Report (EICR) to valid your insurance policy.

If you have a fire or electrical accident on your premises and have not got a current valid EICR certificate your insurers may refuse to pay any claims that you may make against your policy.

It is also a legal requirement to hold an EICR for your building to ensure compliance under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974, the Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 and the Consumer Protection Act 1987.

What’s covered?
Typical Visual checks and tests

The electrician will carry out a visual inspection for damage or any signs of overheating, missing components and also check the integrity and adequate labelling of your enclosure.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

This will involve a full Visual inspection of the installation including the condition of wiring and accessories that form the wiring system.

A test for Continuity & connection of earth conductors in each and every circuit, this will be followed by a Continuity and connection of the ring circuits to socket outlets and include checking of Polarity and connections.

To confirm the adequacy of the earthing arrangements an earth loop impedance test will carried out, along with a full test of all RCDs and RCBOs, together with a switching and isolation test to ensure disconnection of live conductors to appliances and other accessories.

All circuit conductors will have a resistance test carried out.

All electricians Essex based delta T Electrical send will hold the advanced City and Guilds Test & Inspections 2391-10 as should be the case with anyone undertaking these reports according to the Law.

If you are looking for a local electrical test and inspection in Essex, delta T Electrical can offer the service and price to meet your requirements.

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