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delta T Electrical your electric gate installers in Essex.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor; we are specialists at carrying out Electric Gate Installations in Essex, or Automated gate installations in Essex.

Making your home a more secure and safe place for you and your family. Smooth, reliable and easy to use, the gates can be controlled by a wide range of access control systems including proximity card, push button, keypad, token and radio control. These combined with induction loop or photocell safety and close facilities makes delta T Electrical Electric Gate Installations in Essex and surrounding areas a must have item.

Choosing the right system to suit your gates
We can provide systems to cover all gate types and weights, from wooden estate gate to a twin up to 6m per wing. 

If you put a 280 - 310 mm stroke motor on gates with a large 3m wing, it will open too fast, and trip off too easily. If you put a 380 - 410 mm stroke motor on gates with a smaller 2 - 2.5m wing it will open slower.

All our above ground electric gate motors will handle gates up to 300 kg per wing, which far exceeds any domestic application.

Which Make of Electric Gates?
We offer a free on site estimating service. Simply ring or E-mail and we will promptly arrange to visit your home to discuss your requirements. See the links at the top of this page.

We can offer all of the leading manufacturers


Gate Stops
The Gate Stops are an essential part of the gate operation and should be installed with every automatic gate, even though some gate systems work with in-built limit switches the addition of gate stops can ensure that the motors do not over-run.

These are physical stops that mark the Opening and closing mark for your gate leaf, they are manufactured from mild steel with a black powder coat finish.

The Gate Stops are physically buried into the ground to mark your preferred opening and closing marks. 
There is no cabling or wiring required for these items, they are purely to provide a resistance for the motors on the gates in their opening and closing phases.

Loop Detector
The loop detector has a connection from the loop cable and feeds signals from this through to the gate automation control panel to open your gates when a vehicle approaches.

By using a 7 day timer and / or the 2 position key switch the loop detector can be set to work at specific hours of the day, the 2 position key switch allows the loop detector to be put in a 'holiday mode' and manually switched off while you're away to remove the option of the gates opening automatically to provide an extra level of security.

Safety Photo Cells
This product comprises of a pair of Safety Photocells, a transmitter and a receiver, these are installed either side of the gate opening, this creates an infra-red beam, if the beam is broken the gate will not operate or if it is moving it will stop or stop and reverse, dependent upon the set up of the control unit.

The Safety Photocell’s are normally positioned either side of the opening at a height of about 300mm, the Safety Photocells have a range of approx 40m although this can be reduced by up to 70% in cases of misalignment or difficult climatic conditions.

The Safety Photocell’s can be installed either in-front of the gates, behind the gates or for additional safety both in-front & behind the gates. By placing the Safety Photocells in-front of & behind the gates it provides further protection in the closing phase of the gate operation, if either infra-red beam is broken whilst the gates are closing the operation will halt.

Underground or buried
The electromechanical motors in this kit are mounted underground thus resulting in a very attractive installation with very little of the "mechanics" visible from either inside or outside the gates. Because this is an underground system the work required to fit is obviously increased a little. This kit is much the same as the standard "Terra" kit but uses 24 volt DC motors instead of the usual 230v AC units

Electric Gate Maintenance
Automated Gates & Barrier Systems are exposed to all weather conditions and varying levels of usage, a regular Maintenance Program will significantly increase you electric Gates Life span and will reduce the overall Life Costs of your system, by minimizing energy usage. As with all mechanical and electromechanical devises if not looked after properly drives can become stiff and use more electricity than would be normal to operate, safety features may become worn or dirty causing faulty operation.

All of these symptoms can be easily eliminated with a regular maintenance programme, delta T Renewables can set up and implement this for you on our software based system giving you complete peace of mind.
delta T Electrical operates a manned help desk for a single point of call for any queries you may have.
Installation of electric or automated gates falls within the Part “P” regulations.

delta T Electrical will take care of these elements as part of our works, we are able to issue a Part “P” certificate upon completion of the work to confirm compliance with Part P of the building regulations.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor, and are specialists at carrying out the installation of Electric gates in Essex and the surrounding areas.

All of our works are NICEIC certified and backed by the NICEIC guarantee, we are a Part “P” approved contractor.
If you are looking for a high level of professionalism with great value for money Electrical contractor Essex based delta T Electrical should be your first call.

If you would prefer dealing with a polite and fully qualified electrician Essex based delta T Electrical should be your first port of call!

Our Services

delta T can offer a wide range of mechanical and electrical services throughout Essex, London & Suffolk no matter what discipline you are looking for you can rest assured we are here to help, We are a fully accredited NICEIC domestic and commercial contractor experienced in all fields of electrical installation, service and maintenance. We offer the full range of air conditioning and ventilation including MVHR throughout Essex, London and Suffolk areas, If you have a project you would like us to help you with please send us an email via the contact page with a brief description of your needs and we will contact you to discuss how we can be of assistance to you !

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