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Electrical shower installations in Essex

By delta T your electrical contractors in Essex.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor in Essex, we are specialists at carrying out Electric Shower Installations in Essex.

What Make of Electric Shower
We offer a free on site estimating service. Simply ring or E-mail and we will promptly arrange to visit your home to discuss your requirements, whether you have any of the following:

Triton electric shower
Aqualisa electric shower
Mira electric shower
Bristan electric shower
Red Ring electric shower
Heatrae Sadia electric shower
Gainsborough electric shower
Or any make of shower that requires a dedicated power supply.

delta T Electrical are experts at Electric Shower Installations in Essex, Electric Shower upgrades in Essex.
We can also answer any questions you may have and give you all the experienced advice that you need.

Electric Shower Installation - Power Requirements
Before deciding what make or kilowatt rating of electric shower you wish to use, the first place to start is at the main fuse board or consumer unit. You need to assess if you have a spare way on your consumer unit with sufficient rating for an electric shower, it will require connection to a separate fused electrical supply circuit.

In accordance with BS7671 a 30mA Residual Current Device (RCD) must be fitted. This may be part of the consumer unit or a separate unit and must have a tripping current of no more than 30 mA.

All electric showers require a dedicated cable from the consumer unit to the shower itself, you will need to consider the correct sizing of any new or existing cabling to ensure it is adequate for the Electric shower you have chosen.

The size of the cable and fuse will depend on the electrical power in kW of the shower, but 10mm2 cable is recommended, as this would mean you can replace the shower in the future, without having to install a larger cable

Cable Sizing Guide
Kilowatt Rating Isolating Switch Minimum Rating Fuse Rating Nominal Amperage @ 240 Volts Maximum Cable Run 6mm Maximum Cable Run 10mm Recommended Protective Device

7.8 Kw | 40 Amps | 40 Amps | 31.25 | 27 Meters | 44 Meters RCD + MCB or RCBO
8.5 Kw | 40 Amps | 40 Amps | 35.41 | 23 Meters | 38 Meters RCD + MCB or RCBO
9.5 Kw | 40 Amps | 40 Amps | 39.58 | 21 Meters | 32 Meters RCD + MCB or RCBO
10.4 Kw | 40 Amps | 45 Amps | 39.58 | 18 Meters | 30 Meters RCD + MCB or RCBO

The shower must be provided with means for disconnection that is incorporated into the fixed wiring in accordance with the 17th Edition regulations. The isolating switch must be local to the appliance and may be a ceiling mounted pull cord type or a wall mounted switch fitted in an appropriate zone area. The shower must be connected to the electricity supply via a double pole isolating switch with a minimum contact gap of 3mm in both poles

Important Safety Guide

If upgrading to a higher Kilowatt shower it is essential to ensure the electrical supply and shower cable is adequate for the increased load.

Electrical contractor Essex based delta T Electrical will take care of these elements as part of our works, we are able to issue a certificate upon completion of the work to confirm compliance with Part ā€˜Pā€™ of the building regulations.

Electric showers must be earthed. Ensure any supplementary bonding complies with the 17th Edition regulations, Ensure all electrical connections are tight, to prevent overheating.

Electric showers must not be installed in steam rooms or cubicles. To reduce the effects of condensation, rooms containing a shower should be adequately ventilated preferably with an extractor fan with run on timer; this will greatly reduce the condensation build up and help to keep your bathroom mold free.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor in Essex, waiting to carry out electric shower installations in Essex and the surrounding areas, or Fuse board Upgrades in Essex and surrounding areas when necessary to make your installation safe and compliant.

All of our works are NICEIC certified and backed by the NICEIC guarantee, we are a Part ā€œPā€ approved contractor.

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