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Extractor fan installation - replacement in Essex

By delta T Electrical your electrical contractors in Essex.

delta T Electrical is your local Electrical Contractor Essex is our main county for carrying out new installations and repairs; we are specialists at carrying out Extractor Fan Installations in Essex or even extractor fan replacement in Essex and the surrounding areas.

When you need an electrician Essex based delta T services staff are trained to work to the highest standards and will leave your home as clean and tidy as they find it! That’s a promise.

Kitchens and Bathrooms are particularly prone to the build up of smoke and condensation and other cooking pollutants in the air, these rooms need extractor fans to remove the moisture and unpleasant odors from the rooms, to keep your living environment fresh and mold and damp free.

You may find that if you live in a smoking household or have a laundry room these rooms may need an extractor fan as well.

If your extractor fan develops a fault or fails you may find that water or smoke can build up, damaging your walls and surfaces, causing damp and mold growth or potentially being a fire hazard. Current building regulations require any Kitchen and Bathroom to have a working extractor fan fitted.

Extractor fans can become faulty over time, many of these problems require repair to get the fan back into working order. However some Extractor fan faults are more severe and will require an extractor fan replacement Essex based delta T Electrical will assess the situation and give you a full quote for the work that needs to be done to get your extractor fan working again or replaced.

At delta T Electrical we combine a high level of professionalism with great value for money. We specialist in Extractor Fan Installations in Essex and Extractor fan replacement in Essex and the surrounding areas.

What Make of Extractor fan?
We offer a free on site estimating service. Simply ring or E-mail and we will promptly arrange to visit your home to discuss your requirements, whether you have any of the following

Xpelair extractor fan
Vent Axia extractor fan
Manrose extractor fan
Vortice extractor fan
Soler extractor fan
Telco extractor fan
Elila extractor fan
Davico extractor fan
Aidelle extractor fan
Steeple extractor fan
Enviro vent extractor fan

Or any make of Extractor fan repair or replacement.

Extractor Fan Installations in Essex
When sitting and installing a new extractor fan the following points should be considered:

  • Site the fan as far away as possible from the air inlet to the room
  • The fan should be sited as close as possible to the moisture source
  • Avoid installing close to heat sources to prolong motor life;

In bathrooms the fan must not be within reach of a person using the bath or shower and must conform to IET regulations

Where possible it is preferable to use a loft or ceiling void for ventilating shower rooms or bathrooms;
Where ducting runs through unheated areas it should be insulated to prevent condensation.
Ensure adequate air leakage into the rooms to provide replacement fresh air, this can be via undercut doors trickle vents in windows etc

Do not install extract fans in rooms where open flued appliances are sited.

Types of Extractor fan
There are five main types of extractor fan for various situations and requirements

This type of fan has its switching through a wall light or separate remote switch

Run on TIMER
This type of fan has a built-in adjustable time delay operated by the light switch and is usually used in bathroom applications.

This type of fan has a built-in pull cord switch.

This type of fan has a built-in humidity sensor which operates the fan automatically when the humidity reaches a set point within the room; this is suited to a bathroom or kitchen application.

PIR Sensor
This type of fan is sensitive to movement, these fans switch on and off when a room is entered or vacated, and are very energy saving.

It's important to choose the correct fan with proper air movement capacity and with a silent operation, as well as to decide the right place to mount it.

The main function of a ceiling extractor fan is for the ventilation inside a bathroom or the kitchen of your home. Ceiling extractor fans are now very common.

Adequate air extraction for kitchens and bathrooms is a must to meet the current building regulations. These rooms are prone to condensation therefore moist air and odors must have a means of escape, the most simple and cost effective solution is an electrical extractor fan.

The appropriate size of fan is chosen according to the air flow rate required, which can vary according to room, e.g. a kitchen needs around 10–15 air changes an hour whilst a bathroom with a shower needs 15–20 air changes an hour.
Low voltage fans are most suitable for bathrooms and they can be mounted above showers with their own transformer.

Xpelair Range of extractor fans

Xpelair offer a comprehensive range of stylish, compact and easy to install single speed fans.
Suitable for a wide range of domestic applications including bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets, including zones 1 & 2.

DX100 models have a softly curved flow line grille design which will blend into wall or ceiling décor, whilst the shallow depth of the outlet spigot ensures compact window installation.

The DX range includes an air operated back draught shutter, outer grille and ducting. Control options include integral pull cord and timer; humidistat and PIR options offer automatic control.
Application: Domestic bathrooms, shower rooms and toilets
Control options: Pull cord, timer, humidistat and PIR
Hole dia: 115mm (wall) 125mm (window) 110mm(shaft/ducting)
Legislation: Conforms to Building Regulations

Xpelair Premier 200 Fan Range
The Premier range of pressure developing fans is designed specifically for domestic applications, where longer duct runs are required.

It is now a legal requirement for all domestic electrical work to comply with Part P wiring regulations and you will need to demonstrate this when selling your property.

delta T Electrical will take care of these elements as part of our works, we are able to issue a certificate upon completion of the work to confirm compliance with Part P of the building regulations.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor, waiting to carry out extractor fan installations in Essex and the surrounding areas, or extractor fan replacement in Essex and surrounding areas.

All of our works are NICEIC certified and backed by the NICEIC guarantee, we are a Part “P” approved contractor.

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