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Fuse board Changes in Essex - Fuse board Upgrades in Essex

By delta T Electrical your electrical contractors in Essex.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor in Essex, we are specialists at carrying out Fuse board Changes in Essex, as well as Fuse board Upgrades in Essex.

Our team of fully qualified NICEIC registered Electricians work quickly and efficiently to carry out your fuse board change, also known as a Consumer unit change or Consumer unit upgrade.

We offer a free on site estimating service. Simply ring or E-mail and we will promptly arrange to visit your home to discuss your requirements, whether you have any of the following

Old Wylex fuse board
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Old Proteus fuse board
Old Square D fuse board
Old MK fuse board

delta T Electrical are experts at Fuse board Changes in Essex, Fuse board Upgrades in Essex.
We can also answer any questions you may have and give you all the experienced advice that you need.
Old-style fuse boards are still very common in houses in the UK. In this system a short length of fuse wire is fitted in the fuse carrier and this protects the particular circuit.

An old style fuse board will have a limited number of fuses, allowing for a limited number of circuits. In many cases there will only be four circuits.

One for upstairs lighting, downstairs lighting, upstairs sockets and downstairs sockets. At the time this was installed this would have been more than adequate, however electrical usage has increased dramatically with the invention of more and more time saving aids such as dishwashers, washing machines, toasters, rapid boil kettles, air conditioning, plasma televisions, the list is endless.

All of these appliances put a greater load on the cabling and fuses installed in your home.
These circuits will be overloaded in many cases, dangerously so in some.

The 17th edition wiring regulations relating to consumer units

The new wiring regulations introduced in 2008 demand that all circuits are protected by RCDs. Often the easiest way to comply, particularly if the existing fuse box is dated, is to have a Fuse board upgrade – consumer unit change.

Upgrading a consumer unit may also involve some additional electrical work, to enable the installation to meet the standards set by the new wiring regulations. This might include splitting circuits or running in new cabling. An older property might have all the lighting and sockets supplied by just two circuits. It would be better practice to split these so that the lighting and sockets for each floor are on separate circuits with their own circuit breaker. Other problems that require attention include borrowed neutrals. This is where a neutral return path was not available and a link to another circuit has been made. Correcting this fault would, in many cases, require a new cable to be laid back to the consumer unit. This is so that in the event of a fault all the circuits on a particular floor are not cut-off from the supply.

A modern consumer unit will feature as many circuits as necessary and usually has a couple spare for future use.
This will allow the separation of circuits supplying sockets, appliances, immersion heaters, kitchen sockets and outdoor power.

Each individual circuit will be protected by a miniature circuit breaker “MCB” instead of a fuse, which will feature a switch to disconnect the supply to that circuit.

In line with the IEE 17th edition (BS7671), most domestic circuits should be protected by a Residual Current Device” RCD”, which will automatically disconnect the power to all circuits it protects to offer significantly improved safety.
The circuits on the new consumer units are protected by two residual current devices. Power circuits and lighting circuits are split between the RCDs on different sides of the board.

This is known as a split load board and complies with the current 17th Edition Regulations.
Specialist electrical contractor Essex based delta T Electrical can carry out all of these works to the very highest standard.

Carrying out Fuse board Changes in Essex - Fuse board Upgrades in Essex

Before the consumer unit is changed, the electrician will have checked the distributor’s equipment at the origin of the installation and the earthing and bonding arrangements. This is to ensure that they are safe and that they comply with the regulations.

Test and Inspection

The nature of this work means that the electrician Essex based delta T Electrical sent out to you will have worked on every circuit. He will therefore have to conduct a series of electrical tests on all circuits to ensure that they are safe and will then have to issue an electrical installation certificate before the job is handed over. The tests carried out include

• R1+R2
• Insulation Resistance
• Continuity of Earth Bonding
• Maximum tripping times of the newly installed RCD’s

Any faults found on a circuit will have to be corrected before the circuit is energised.

Checking earthing and bonding
Earthing ensures, in the event of a fault, that the electrical supply would be promptly disconnected to prevent electric shock.
For example, a live wire in a washing machine may have become exposed by a sharp metal edge. This could make the case of the washing machine live resulting in serious injury if touched.

Earthing ensures a fault current flows from the exposed wire to the consumer unit promptly disconnecting the electrical supply and preventing the risk of electric shock.

We always check your Earthing and bonding with every installation of a consumer unit, if you are in doubt about the status of your earthing and bonding.

We will take care of this element as part of our works, As a fully certified electrical contractor Essex based delta T Electrical are able to issue a certificate upon completion of the work to confirm compliance with Part “P” of the building regulations.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor, waiting to carry out Fuse board Changes in Essex and the surrounding areas, or Fuse board Upgrades in Essex and surrounding areas.

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