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Kitchen rewires in Essex

By delta T your electrical contractors in Essex.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor, we are specialists at carrying out kitchen re-wires in Essex, Fuse board Upgrades in Essex

Our team of fully qualified NICEIC registered Electricians who are Part”P” certified work quickly and efficiently to carry out your kitchen electrical upgrade with the minimum fuss and mess.

Kitchen design

The design of your kitchen is vital to how you will be able to utilise and enjoy it later on, so it’s worth spending some time carefully planning it. Locating the kitchen appliances will be one of the first things in the design process.

Whilst appliances such as the washing machine, fridge and dishwasher will be plugged into an ordinary 13Amp socket outlet, it is common to have these sockets concealed below work top surfaces or behind cabinets and have separate fused outlets to isolate them at a higher level above the work top.

This is an advantage where there are small children who may accidentally turn off the electricity to your freezer and defrost the entire contents.

As for smaller kitchen appliances such as kettles, toasters and microwaves you should make a list of all the things you have requiring sockets and then allow some extra into your kitchen design to accommodate the unforeseen such as blenders, juicers and bread makers, the list is endless!

Cooker Electrical Supply

There will need to be a separate circuit for high load devices such as the cooker, which should have its own separate 30amp circuit breaker on the main fuse board. This will have its own cooker electrical outlet point usually behind the appliance at low level. It is essential to have a correctly rated isolation switch local to the cooker. If you do not already have a mains power supply for an electric cooker then these works will fall under the Part “P” regulations and be notifiable to building control, Electrical Contractor Essex based delta T Electrical is a fully NICEIC registered and fully Part “P” certified electrical contractor able to carry out all of these requirement for you.

Kitchen Extractor Hoods.

An essential in today’s kitchen with the many herbs and spices used in modern food preparation.
There are two main types of extractor hoods: ducted or vented hood which extracts the captured air and discharges it to outside of the building, these usually have a grease and possibly a particle filter and may even have a small charcoal filter on more expensive models usually lights are fitted to all models to aid with cooking.

Recirculating extractors take the air from the kitchen and pass it through a charcoal filter to remove any odors and smoke that might be present; the cleaned air is then re-introduced back into the kitchen

The extractor hood will require a 13Amp fused outlet at high level and in a close proximity to the hood.

Kitchen TV’s

A kitchen TV can be a major benefit during cooking, there’s no need to miss your favorite cookery programme or soap, the kitchen can be the hub of most modern family homes and the entertainment value of a kitchen TV can be a must for the whole family.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor in Essex, we can install your kitchen TV so that it folds away under a cabinet, and this saves space and avoids damage to the TV when not in use.

Under Floor Heating

Under floor heating gently warms the air evenly; eliminating any cold spots within the room and is an essential for any tiled or laminate floor.

Under floor heating is very comfortable to walk over bare foot as it removes the cold chill from hard surfaces. For a reliable local electrician Essex based delta T Electrical should be your first point of call, we can install heating under bathroom tiles, wooden floors in the kitchen, bathroom or conservatory.

Kitchen lighting

Kitchen lighting is as important as the lighting in your lounge or bedroom. It helps with mood and comfort in the kitchen and there are also practical considerations.

While you may eat at a dining table in the kitchen you must consider the time you’ll be preparing meals, washing up, maybe even a spot of laundry, possibly sitting with your laptop or tablet.

The kitchen can often be a multi function room within the family home and the correct lighting levels are essential for your comfort and feel good factor.

There are two main types of kitchen lighting

Ceiling or wall mounted lights

These are supplied from a 6 amp lighting circuit, and can supply any of the vast array of centre feature lights or wall lights on the market, light switching points are crucial to a good design usually a light switch by each entry point into the kitchen is required for maximum flexibility and dependant on which types of lighting are being used then a dimmer may be required.

Under cupboard lighting

These are used to light up the kitchen work top generally from underneath the wall cupboards this extends the options where kitchen mood lighting design is concerned and a little thought can give amazing results.
The move towards LED lighting which is far more efficient than old style halogen bulbs is moving ever forward and lights of every shape size and brightness are now available giving vast energy saving and thus lowering your electricity bills; these are ideal for the kitchen environment and have long life expectancy when compared to standard light bulbs or halogens.

LED Lighting are lights which use light emitting diodes (LED's) which are extremely energy efficient and long lasting. LED lights create less heat than traditional lights, which means they last for longer (up to 50 times longer)
Part “P” Regulations

Part’P’ regulations now require that all electrical work carried out in a kitchen must be completed by a qualified electrician who will supply you with a certificate showing the work has been tested. A kitchen is regarded as a special area due to the proximity of water to the electrical sockets and installations. An extremely high level of care and attention needs to be applied when installing electrical items in your kitchen delta T Electrical are very experienced in this type of work and can advise you on all aspects of your kitchen rewire in Essex.

delta T Electrical are your local Electrical Contractor, waiting to carry out kitchen rewires in Essex and the surrounding areas, or Fuse board Upgrades in Essex and surrounding areas.

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