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when it comes to LEd office lighting Harwich can rely on delta T Electrical to design and install cost effective lighting solutions to all environments be they retail, office or commercial premises, using the latest in LED technology. Whether you are looking for LED lighting installation, maintenance or repair, call us.

Light-emitting diodes have been around for years, traditionally, they have been used as indicators on electrical devices, such as standby lights on TVs. This was because LEDs were available only in red, but recent advances mean that other colours are now available, and the light emitted is much brighter.

LED lamps are still very difficult to categorize, as there are so many manufacturers and new types of LED lamps now available. It is hard to give a useful lumen value to a lot of LED lamps, especially GU10 replacement LED’s as the beam angle can considerably change the perceived light provided.

Initially LED lamps can be considerably more expensive to purchase than an incandescent or halogen lamp but save money in the long run on electricity fees due to low wattages and long lifespan as well as being virtually maintenance free. Installation of LED will pay for itself easily and you will have a smaller carbon footprint.

LED’s also come in a variety of different colour temperatures. This also needs to be considered when designing your lighting as it can affect the whole feel of a space.

When they need LED lighting Chelmsford businesses can rely on delta T Electrical for a reliable service with excellent advice and a wide product selection to save you money time after time!

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What's the difference between Low Voltage and Low Energy?

Energy usage is measured in watts. Your electricity bill probably shows how many kilowatts you have used, (a kilowatt is 1000 watts.)

Low energy fitting generally run at full mains voltage 230volts and have a lower wattage rating compared to an incandescent lamp. I.e. a 9W lamp will give the equivalent of 45watts whilst only consuming 9watts of power.
Some of the latest LED replacement bulbs for example a GU10 at 50 watts can now be replaced by as little as a 4 watt LED lamp only using less than 10% the energy of older style bulbs.

This means that although more expensive to purchase initially the payback is relatively quick and saves you money very quickly!! As well as being good for the environment and your carbon footprint.

Low Voltage fittings mostly run at 12 volts so have a transformer to reduce the mains electricity supply from 230v to 12volts. This doesn’t affect the wattage though. A 50w 12volt lamp will give 50watts of light but will still consume 50watts of power.

LED light bulbs are more efficient than traditional incandescent ones because there is less energy loss through heat, the technology is now available for office or shop environments with LED panels designed specifically for the lay in tile ceiling grid often found in these environments.

delta T are experts at LED installation, supply, maintenance and repair of lighting installations. We will suggest the correct product for your environment with a wide range of LED lighting panels from all of the leading manufacturers.

The LED lighting Product Range for shops, offices and domestic use.

LED’S are available in a variety of products from LED panels lights to LED spots lights , LED strip lights, LED flood lights, LED uplighters, LED down lighters. We are here to help and advise you to help you chose the correct LED lighting solution for you.

If you are looking to save money on LED lighting in Harwich, Essex you should talk to delta T Electrical and start saving money now. Wheyher you need LED lighting for offices, shops or domestic use.

Our helpdesk staff are waiting for your call or alternatively use the contact form on the home page and we will contact you shortly Remember that whether you are looking for LED installation, maintenance, supply or repairs in Harwich or anywhere in Essex, delta T are here to help.

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